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All trademarks used on this site, as well as in the catalogue are used only for identification purposes. All listed products may not be the original parts just matching spare parts. LED warning lamps are only destined for use off public roads. Photos and drawings are purely illustrative. Please consider PRODUCTS INFO.



LED warning lamp TruckLED PICO LED white magnetic ALR0054-W

  • NUMBER: ALR0054-W
  • EAN: 5901741302253
  • Weight: 0.46 KG

ALR0054-W has features such as: 3 warning flashes. The lamp has 18 LEDs. ALR0054-W characterized by a power of 17 W. ALR0054-W is a certified product. According to standards such as ECE, ECE. Moreover, it is made of materials: Lens: PC, Housing: PC. Fastening is magnet. The voltage is 12 V/24 V. The product is packaged in the following configuration cart. R10 150x130x60 mm R65, weight:, 30 pcs/bulk, dim.: 390 g box.

• Do not look directly into the light - it may cause damage or even loss of vision.
• Install only in specialized workshops or professional services.
• Use in open space only.
• Use in accordance to the purpose.

• It should be used exclusively in accordance with intended use.
•  Mount exclusively in specialized workshops.
• The connection between the lamp and vehicle’s installation should be isolated with heat-shrink tube or alternatively with isolating tape to avoid getting water and moisture to the copper wire of the lamp which can damage electronic components. When it comes to lamp and plug, the plug should be mounted safely.
•  Do not cut off tinned ends.
• Lamps must be installed only in accordance with UNECE regulations.

, 18
Material Lens: PC, Housing: PPA
Mounting magnet
Function 3 warning flashes
Watt 17 W
Voltage 12 V/24 V
Certyficates ECE, ECE product may, cart. R10 150x150x150 mm R65, weight:570 g, 20 pcs/bulk vary slightly.
Packing cart. R10 150x130x60 mm R65, weight:, 30 pcs/bulk Reproduction in, dim.: 390 g box whole or
WIRE 3 m spiral cable with plug for lighter socket