Pneumatic connectors are essential elements in any pneumatic installation, which is used in many industrial sectors, such as automotive, energy, food, chemical, construction, forestry and agriculture. Thanks to quick and simple assembly, it is the group of the most frequently used types of pneumatic connectors. We can meet them in the form of a straight, angular, through and bulkhead. Due to the fact that they take the form of tees, cross-pieces and elbows, we can mount them anywhere in a given installation. Pneumatic couplings are most often used in pipe structures and installations, but they are also used in the construction of machines and tools.

Robust and leak-proof pneumatic fittings

High-quality products that we use to equip vehicles and industrial machines guarantee their proper operation. The solid and decent construction of pneumatic couplings ensures the safety of the workplace of the machines, as well as ensures the good technical condition of the vehicle, which contributes to their high efficiency and long service life. The situation is different when we use products of inferior quality - these accessories are damaged faster and more often, which is related to their unusability. This requires immediate repair, replacement or the purchase of new, functional parts. Work is then exposed to downtime, and we have to take into account additional costs.

Kamar is a manufacturer that offers the best spare parts for industrial vehicles on the market. In the wide range of the store you will find all kinds of necessary accessories for pneumatics. The high quality of the available parts ensures long life and consumer satisfaction.

Pneumatics connectors - available types

Pneumatic fittings are most often made of materials such as steel, plastic or brass. Choosing the right type depends on where they are to be used. Plastic couplings are the easiest to install due to their lightness. In compressed air installations, it is best to use a brass fitting as it will not corrode. The steel coupling, in turn, is characterized by solid workmanship and resistance to high pressures. Stainless steel couplings are used in industries geared towards sanitary requirements. Check out our full range of products to choose the best one for you.