The mechanical disconnector creates a safe isolation gap in the electric circuit. A small accessory is dedicated to agricultural machinery, but it will also work in passenger cars, trucks, construction cars, caravans or motor boats.

Tractor circuit breaker to prevent battery discharge

The tractor is widely used not only in the agricultural sector, but also in industry and construction. The universal nature of the machine makes the tractor perfect for even the toughest conditions. Of course, the main reason for its use is resistance to external factors. The solid structure of the machine makes the tractor perform very well on demanding ground. It is also resistant to unfavorable weather conditions - wind, rain, hail, snow, sunlight, high or low temperatures.

In order for a tractor to take an active part in road traffic, it is necessary to equip it with the necessary accessories, parts and components. The tractor's current disconnect device stops the current flowing through the devices inside the machine. This is essential when the tractor is idle, as this accessory prevents the battery from running down.

Under what circumstances will the tractor circuit breaker work?

The operation of the disconnector is extremely easy, so it is not necessary to have any special skills. It is enough to twist a small element with the movement of the hand, which will create an insulation gap. The tractor's current disconnect switch can most often be used:

• before we start work related to the repair of agricultural machinery,

• during a longer standstill of the tractor,

• when charging the battery with the use of a charger (if it is not removed from the tractor).

Mechanical disconnector - solid design

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