Electrical boxes enable the distribution of electrical installation in the trailer. Electricity in a vehicle of this type is necessary because it allows the lamps to function efficiently.

Electrical boxes for trailers, semi-trailers and tow trucks

Safe movement of the vehicle on the road is possible thanks to the proper lighting of the vehicle. Lamps affect not only the safety of the driver, but also other road users. The energy reaches the trailer with the participation of appropriate cables and electrical boxes. They are a guarantee that the system works properly. Therefore, if we are moving on the road with a vehicle enriched with a trailer, semi-trailer or tow truck, we must necessarily supplement our car with electric boxes for trailers.

Electric boxes for trailers supporting lighting

We work only with leading manufacturers on the market, thanks to which we provide electrical boxes for trailers with a solid structure. Strong construction makes the accessory reliable. The parts are resistant to deformation and mechanical factors, which is extremely important for this type of product. A universal accessory that will be perfect for any trailer model. We have a rich assortment that allows you to find the right element for most power systems.

The issues related to lighting in the trailer are regulated by road traffic law. The type of lamps is precisely defined, and their absence is associated with a high mandate. Trailers or semi-trailers are commonly used in many industries - transport, forwarding, logistics, delivery and food. With their participation, it is possible to transport large amounts of cargo on selected routes. That is why it is so important to properly retrofit the vehicle so that it can be not only functional, but also convenient and comfortable to use.

Electrical boxes - wide range of parts

We focus on providing the necessary accessories and parts for any type of vehicle - passenger cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, trailers, forklifts and off-road vehicles. We offer accessories for tire service, warning, tarpaulin, wheel wrenches, transport belts, bearing pullers, tachograph discs, marking plates and body parts. In addition, we also have accessories from the category of electrical engineering, pneumatics and lighting.