Current disconnectors for forklifts are used to create a safe isolation break in the electric circuit. The accessory is characterized by a common character, so it can also be used in passenger cars, trucks, agricultural and construction machines or caravans.

Disconnectors for forklifts - reliable electrical engineering

Forklifts are universal vehicles that are mandatory equipment for production halls, warehouses, sorting plants, distribution centers, transport companies and workplaces from each sector. The design of the forklift truck allows it to transport heavy goods over a short distance or to lift them to a certain height. The solid structure of the vehicle is adapted to demanding conditions. Forklifts are resistant to external factors - dust or unfavorable weather conditions.

Disconnectors for forklifts are made of high-quality materials, resistant to deformation and damage. The guarantee of reliability allows the use of the presented accessories for many years.

Disconnectors for forklifts - when should an accessory be used?

Creating an isolation break in the electric circuit is not a demanding activity, as a slight finger maneuver is enough. Disconnectors for forklifts are most often used:

• before we start repairing the forklift,

• during longer stops of a forklift truck,

• when charging the battery with the aid of the charger while it is inside the truck.

Electric disconnectors for forklifts - vehicle safety

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