Caring for the safety of our vehicles on the road, it is very important to equip it with appropriate lighting that will help distinguish it from the rest. A more visible car poses less risk to other road users, which contributes to a reduced number of road accidents, collisions or bumps. Vehicle lighting is also, above all, mandatory equipment for every driver - in the event of failure to comply with the order, we risk ourselves and others to safety, for which we can be punished with a fine.

Car headlight lenses for your vehicle

High-quality components for trucks ensure their long life and are responsible for the proper protection of the vehicle and its surroundings. A properly lit vehicle is also much more visible to other drivers. Decent and solid elements have a significant impact on the long and efficient use of the car. In the case of products made of inferior quality materials, parts last for a shorter time and break down much faster. This causes additional costs, which we then have to spend on replacement, repair or ordering new parts. Cooperation with an experienced and proven supplier will avoid these problems.

Kamar offers proven car covers

Kamar is a manufacturer that offers high-quality spare parts for trucks. The wide offer includes all the necessary lighting accessories, thanks to which you will be able to secure your vehicle quickly and efficiently. Here you will find various types of road headlamps, necessary for the installation of full car lighting. The headlamps are a lighting mechanism located at the front of the vehicle. It is used to illuminate the road with a luminous flux. Their car covers differ depending on the type of headlamp. Along with their specific placement, they affect the visibility of the surroundings, which in turn is determined by the direction and quality of the incident light. Often, however, we can find the use of different types of headlights in one vehicle. Here are the most popular of them:

- paraboloid,

- ellipsoidal,

- great DE,

- type FF.

Check out the full range of our available products and find the right car headlight lens for you.