Truck warning accessories are essential vehicle equipment to ensure safety. Their task is to inform other road users about any difficulties.

Warning accessories - warning triangle

The category of warning gadgets for trucks includes a reflective warning triangle, which is a mandatory vehicle equipment in Poland and Europe. The task of the triangle is to inform oncoming drivers about a breakdown or collision, and thus to be especially careful. The accessory rests on a stable support, thanks to which it can easily be kept upright on the road surface. The triangle is extremely easy to use and it takes just a few seconds to fold it. Fast and intuitive operation is perfect for stressful situations.

The presented warning accessories for trucks are made of high-quality materials, therefore they are resistant to external factors. The use of high-class materials guarantees trouble-free use for many years.

Warning gadgets for trucks - use of the warning triangle:

• expressway, highway - 100 m behind the truck,

• undeveloped area - 30-50 m behind a truck,

• built-up area - behind or on top of a truck, at a maximum height of 1 m.

Truck hazard warning - safe avoidance

Warning gadgets for trucks are a support for the driver in the event of an emergency. Navigating the road involves many difficulties that we are not always able to predict. Unexpected traffic accidents or truck breakdowns are unpleasant situations. Taking care of other road users, the truck driver is obliged to inform others about the problem. Warning triangle alerts make other drivers aware of the situation and can safely avoid obstacles. The combination of bright colors with light reflecting elements makes the failure visible from a long distance. It is worth combining the setting of the triangle with putting on a reflective vest and turning on the hazard lights in the vehicle.

A conscious road user must always be prepared for any eventuality. Moving trucks is particularly demanding, mainly due to the dimensions of the vehicle