Lamp connectors allow you to connect the necessary lighting to the truck. Vehicle lamps have a direct impact on the safety of not only the truck driver, but also other road users.

Lamp connectors for trucks

Each vehicle traveling on the road is required to have the required equipment. Lamps allow drivers to move along the road after dark, thus avoiding the danger. Lamp connectors for trucks offered by our store are characterized by high quality. We work with leading manufacturers of truck accessories, providing our customers with the highest quality products. The lamp connector is resistant to external factors, so it can be used without problems for many years.

A wide range of parts for trucks means that everyone will find the required accessories in our offer. Truck lamp connectors are extremely easy to install, so no special skills are required.

Lamp connector suitable for each truck model

We have lamp connectors:

• for connections in the EUROPOINT lamp,

• 4 pin,

• 7 pin,

• 7 pin for lamps with cable,

• 8 pin for lamps with cable.

Lamp connectors for trucks operating in any industry (h2)

Trucks are widely used in many industries - transport, logistics, forwarding, delivery and industrial. The vehicle must therefore have a durable and solid structure that fully protects the load carried inside the car. It is therefore worth choosing models from the leading manufacturers on the market. It is also necessary to choose the right equipment in order to increase the safety of all road users.

Each product in our offer has been properly tested and has passed the required approvals. Trucks are extremely exposed to unfavorable weather conditions - e.g. strong wind, rain, hail, snow or sunlight. It is therefore essential to select parts from a reliable source that can guarantee the highest quality. The lamp connector belongs to the category of accessories necessary in many situations.