The warning accessories for trailers include a triangle that should be equipped with the vehicle. In the event of difficulties, the driver is obliged to signal the situation to other road users.

Warning accessories for trailers - triangle required

A vehicle with a trailer is exposed to many difficulties. Sometimes unexpected problems cause a stoppage during which it is possible to repair the defect. The warning triangle is then an invaluable accessory, as it increases the visibility of the vehicle from a very long distance. Obligatory possession of a triangle is regulated by the relevant legal provisions that require vehicles to have it in Poland and Europe. This type of warning accessory contributes directly to road safety. If we see a triangle in front of us, we should be especially careful. The construction of the parts consists of a strong support that allows the triangle to be kept in an upright position. It is worth paying attention to the remarkable ease of assembling a triangle. Quick service is essential - for example in stressful and emergency situations.

Warning accessories for trailers to increase safety

The parts we offer are characterized by a solid workmanship. We work with leading manufacturers on the market who provide us with accessories based on high-quality materials. The products are therefore resistant to external factors, and therefore can be used for many years. We support drivers traveling with any type of vehicle. The nature of the car does not really matter to us, because we have accessories for each model.

Unexpected accident or failure may happen to us regardless of precaution. Safe avoidance of the obstacle by other road users could be difficult if we did not put up a warning triangle behind the vehicle. Other drivers need to be fully aware of the traffic situation. The warning triangle is brightly coloured, and the use of a special material allows you to reflect the light off the accessory.

How do I put a trailer warning triangle on the road?

The road regulations tell us exactly at what distance the triangle should be placed. It is worth getting acquainted with them, because many drivers incorrectly place the accessory on the road. Therefore, it should be set:

• on an expressway, motorway - 100 m behind the vehicle,

• in an undeveloped area - 30-50 m behind the vehicle,

• in built-up areas - behind or on top of the vehicle at a maximum height of 1 m.