Connectors are a broad category of small metal accessories used in every sector. The elements are used in electrical installations in agricultural machinery.

Cable connectors - male and female terminals

Connectors allow you to easily connect two wires with each other. We divide these parts into two categories - female and male cable connectors. The distinction is based on the method of assembly. The male accessory is inserted into the appropriate plug, and the male end is inserted into the female one. There are also hooked connectors, which are characterized by a flat structure. Elements of this type are surrounded by insulation, therefore it is not possible to create a short circuit. The installation of cable connectors is extremely easy and does not require any special skills. It is necessary to get rid of the insulation, insert the connectors and finally crimp the terminals.

Connector terminals that allow to connect the wires in the installation

The electrical installation is the key equipment of every agricultural machine. Connecting to electricity allows you to power lighting lamps, which are necessary equipment for every vehicle involved in road traffic. Of course, in addition to the lamps, the tractor can also contain other objects, the efficient operation of which is possible thanks to the electrical installation.

We work only with leading manufacturers on the market, so we provide the highest class equipment. The parts and accessories available in our store are characterized by high quality. Each element is based on solid and durable materials that significantly extend the service life. We guarantee trouble-free use, regardless of the type of accessory.

Connector connectors for agricultural machines

Tractors are unique vehicles that are widely used in many sectors. Agricultural machines of this type are characterized by a high degree of resistance to the difficulties associated with the terrain or unfavorable weather conditions - strong wind, rain, hail, snow, intense sunlight, high or low temperatures. The sturdy structure of the tractor is very important as this machine is particularly vulnerable to any inconvenience.

The tractor is most often used during field work, but it is also perfect for other places - e.g. for activities related to leveling the ground, gardening or other types of work on farms.