Lighting is one of the most important and required elements of a car's equipment. It is responsible for its proper visibility and marking, allows it to be distinguished from other vehicles in road traffic, but also provides the driver with a properly illuminated road. A well-lit vehicle significantly improves visibility, which helps us avoid any road accidents and collisions. It ensures safety for both us and other road users. That is why it is so important that the parts included in the equipment remain operational.

Marker lamps - durable and proven lighting

Solid and durable products made of high-quality materials guarantee long and efficient operation of our vehicles, and are responsible for the appropriate protection of the vehicle, its surroundings and other drivers. When we buy poor quality accessories, we don't really save at all. Defective parts will cause more and more serious damage that may limit or exclude our vehicle from use. It comes down to additional costs related to the repair, replacement and purchase of new, functional products. Therefore, we should decide to cooperate with a proven and reliable supplier who will provide us with good quality parts.

Find the right clearance lamps for trucks

Kamar offers a huge selection of the best accessories and spare parts for trucks on the market. In the store's assortment you will find marker lamps that are obligatory for a truck and many other, not less important types of lighting. Marker lamps for trucks, which are also colloquially called "marker lamps", make it much easier for other drivers to notice the vehicle and estimate its size, which is extremely useful in bad weather conditions. These lamps are required to be visible from a distance of 300 meters. The main criterion for their mandatory installation is the dimensions of the vehicle. The LED marker lamp should therefore be installed in vehicles and trailers whose width is greater than 2.1 meters, while in the case of vehicles between 1.8 and 2.1 meters - it may or may not. However, for your own comfort and safety, you should monitor the regulations that determine what lamps are required for your vehicles.