A bulb holder with a cable is an indispensable equipment for every truck. The small component allows the bulb to be connected to electricity and thus to power the lights in the vehicle.

Bulb holder with a cable resistant to external factors

Lights are a must-have for cars on the road. Participation in road traffic requires having a roadworthy vehicle that does not pose a threat to other cars and people who use them. The road regulations tell us exactly what type of lights should be fitted to individual cars - including trucks. The bulb holder with a cable is part of a system that allows you to emit light.

A wide range of products allows us to provide the necessary parts and accessories for trucks. Each element is made of high-quality materials, thanks to which it can be used for many years. The solid structure is resistant to external factors - strong wind, rain, hail, snow, intense sunlight, low or high temperatures.

The bulb holder - causes of burnout of the bulb

The most common cause of bulb burnout is wear. Frequent use of the vehicle requires its periodic replacement. Typically, a light bulb lasts for several years, but if it burns out too often, the reason may be very different. One of the main reasons may be a damaged headlight, namely the bulb holder. A damaged lampholder causes frequent burnout of the bulb. Then you should invest in a new lamp holder that will restore the full efficiency of the lamps.

Another reason why a light bulb constantly burns out can be humidity. If the headlamp is not fully closed when a bulb is changed, humidity may seep into the interior. As a consequence, humidity will short-circuit and then burn out the bulb. Moisture can also get into the holder through a damaged gasket, then it is necessary to replace it with a new one.

Bulb holder with a cable - lighting for trucks

Our offer includes not only light bulb sockets, but also the necessary lamps for trucks. Functional lighting ensures road safety for all road users. Due to its dimensions, the truck should be equipped with additional lighting.