Apart from the obligation to have good and properly functioning lighting, technical vehicles traveling on public roads should also be equipped with functional and visible reflective devices. In our store you will find a large selection of products thanks to which you will properly equip your vehicle.

Reflectors ensuring good visibility of the vehicle

Thanks to the appropriate lighting, the vehicle participating in road traffic is properly secured. It is responsible for the precise identification and marking of the machine, which makes it more visible to other drivers in its vicinity. Good visibility improves especially at night and in unfavourable weather conditions, and the illuminated vehicle is visible from a distance. This allows other drivers to react in an appropriate, safe moment to the vehicle signalling about a change of direction or lane. Proper communication on the road limits accidents, collisions and road breakdowns. Therefore, it should be ensured that lamps, lamp shades, fixtures, reflectors, as well as other lighting accessories, come from a reliable supplier who guarantees their good quality.

Efficiently illuminating reflectors for forklifts

High-quality lighting elements and spare parts ensure the good technical condition of our vehicles. Due to the fact that thanks to them, the machines do not break down too often, they do not pose a great risk on the roads. Thanks to decent, high-quality accessories that are part of the equipment, the performance of industrial machines is extremely high. On the other hand, inferior quality parts can cause numerous failures. Neglecting them, in turn, can lead to much more serious complications. They require immediate repair or replacement, which means that we must take into account additional costs. To avoid this type of problem, we should buy reflective devices for our vehicle in a proven and experienced store.

High-quality specialized retro-reflecting devices

Kamar is one of the leading suppliers of the best spare parts and elements of equipment for industrial machines and many other types of vehicles on the market. The wide product range includes specialized reflective devices for forklifts, which include reflective contour tapes, reflective triangles, and many other products. See available models and learn more.