Polyamide hoses are practical accessories that are used to transport compressed air in various types of pneumatic systems. Due to their special features and properties, they are used in fuel systems, hydraulic systems, central lubrication systems, brake pneumatics or in contact with chemicals. It is worth noting that the polyamide hoses for the tractor are very easy to install - for quick and efficient connection it is enough to press the tekalan quick coupler. Due to their high strength, they ensure a strong and efficient connection of the entire cable to the machine, even during sudden movements of the vehicle. Another advantage is that the air flow speed and force are fully adjustable.

Extremely durable polyamide hoses for the tractor

Polyamide hoses for the tractor are extremely strong and resistant to any kind of damage. Their parts can be easily replaced, but also connected and put into operation. This is extremely important because durable and high-quality parts are responsible for the general technical condition of the vehicle, guarantee high efficiency, and ensure the smooth operation of the machine for a long time. Pneumatic devices are characterized by a long service life and resistance to various temperature values. Polyamide hoses can be safely used in places with high humidity and outdoors. They are mainly produced in black, but we can also easily find versions in other colors, the advantage of which is to facilitate the identification of individual circuits.

Polyamide hoses for tractors - large selection

Kamar is an experienced manufacturer of a large range of replaceable pneumatic parts for industrial vehicles. In the rich offer of the store, a selection of TEKALAN polyamide hoses is waiting for you. They are characterized by exceptionally high mechanical strength. Cables can withstand extremely low and high temperatures very easily (their divergence ranges from -40 ° C to + 100 ° C). They are extremely light and flexible, and also characterized by stiffness and durability, which means that they are not subject to damage such as bending, crushing or abrasion. They are characterized by high chemical resistance, thanks to which they do not react with fats, hydraulic oils, fuels, hydrocarbons, brake fluids, salt solutions or lubricants. Additionally, they are also highly resistant to UV radiation. The purchase of products made of the best materials guarantees their satisfactory use and allows you to avoid the costs of repairing defective parts.