Disconnectors for off-road vehicles allow you to create an insulation gap in the electric circuit. They are intended for any type of vehicle, therefore they will also work well in the case of passenger cars, trucks, agricultural or construction machines.

Disconnectors for offroad vehicles with universal use

Off-road vehicles are vehicles dedicated to demanding conditions. They are adapted to move on unpaved terrain - e.g. in the mountains, forests, ravines or quarries. Off-road cars are perfect for rescue operations of various services, because they can reach hard-to-reach places. They are also used as a form of sport - demanding and difficult off-road driving.

The construction of off-road vehicles is based on solid and durable materials. Therefore, it is resistant to external factors and unfavourable weather conditions. Due to the high degree of safety of the off-road vehicle, many people also use it on a daily basis. Off-road vehicles require reliable parts and accessories - including disconnectors for offroad.

When is it worth using disconnectors for off-road vehicles?

Disconnectors are relatively small accessories necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle. Their main task is to stop the power consumption of the equipment on the vehicle. Disconnectors for off-road vehicles therefore prevent battery discharge. The accessory is extremely easy to use, so it allows you to quickly and safely disconnect the mass of the battery current.

Disconnectors can be used in many situations, but most often it is recommended to use them:

• before we start repairing the vehicle,

• during longer truck stops,

• when charging the off-road vehicle using the charger, without removing it from the car.

Disconnectors for offroad, trucks and agricultural machinery

Off-road vehicles belong to the group of heavily used vehicles. This means that it is necessary to retrofit them with reliable accessories and parts. We offer only the highest quality products that significantly increase the safety of both the driver and other road users. We have parts not only for off-road vehicles, but also for passenger cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, forklifts, trailers, semi-trailers and tow trucks. Each product has the appropriate approvals and certificates that guarantee quality.