Accessories for trailers allow efficient and safe movement of vehicles of this type on the road. Of course, they do not have their own drive, so it is necessary to connect them to a car, truck or agricultural machine.

Accessories for trailers - reliability and functionality

We supply the necessary parts for trailers from reputable manufacturers. High-class products are based on excellent quality materials that guarantee trouble-free use for many years. The solid structure of the accessories makes them reliable. The quality of parts for vehicles is crucial because participation in road traffic is associated with exposure to unfavourable weather conditions - strong wind, rain, hail, snow, intense sunlight, high or low temperatures. A wide range of products allows you to choose the required accessory for each trailer model.

Trailer accessories for road safety

Accessories for trailers include products with a wide range of applications. We have:

• accessories for handling tires (hoses, guns, inflating nozzles, wheel extensions, metal caps),

• warning (warning triangles, LED flares),

• parts for tarpaulins (customs ropes, curtain rollers, belts with a hook, buckle, wire, door locks, floor holders, fasteners, side locks, lock holders)

• flashlights (work lights, headlamps),

• transport belts (belts, straps, tensioners),

• wheel wrenches (telescopic, cross, wrench sets)

• cable ties, clamps,

• distinguishing boards (information, right, left, truck, inclined, straight, folded, magnet, with lighting, without lighting, board pockets)

• securing the load (edge protectors).

Trailer parts for increased driving comfort

By equipping your vehicle with the necessary trailer equipment, we increase road safety - both for the driver and other participants. The road regulations tell us exactly which accessories are necessary for specific types of vehicles. Of course, not all parts are required, but many of them significantly increase the driver's comfort. It is therefore worth supplementing our garage with parts that have a direct impact on our convenience. The accessories are also perfect for vehicles used in transport, logistics or forwarding companies. We guarantee that with their presence, everyday work activities will become much more pleasant.