Taking care of the highest quality accessories and parts that help equip a truck is very important, especially when we run our own transport company. Durable and decent products guarantee the success of our business, and work is then efficient. The situation is different in the case of elements made of low-quality materials, which deteriorate quickly and make the vehicle unusable. It generates additional costs of repair, replacement or purchase of new elements. Finding the right supplier will help reduce these problems and improve vehicle performance.

Pneumatic lines are durable and aesthetic equipment accessories

In its assortment, the Kamar company has a wide range of various products for technical vehicles, such as trucks. In the Pneumatics section you will find many offers of available spiral cables. Due to the very durable connection, their application works in almost every market sector - automotive, communication, furniture, mechanical engineering, plant and medical, or as lighting elements. Spiral hoses are produced in almost the same way as other cables and have a very similar design. However, they are distinguished by a spiral, characteristic twist and special properties. Spiral cables have an aesthetic appearance and do not generate the clutter caused by tangled cables. Due to the significant extensibility, they can be extended up to four times. These lines do not deform and return to their original shape. They allow you to connect elements, the distance of which changes during the operation of the device. This is an important feature, because the cables do not hang loose, so they are not exposed to damage, and they do not get in the way, taking up the necessary space.

Spiral hoses - a wide range of applications

The outer insulation of the cable consists of polyurethane (PU), thanks to which the cable is flexible and very resistant to kinks, crushing and other mechanical injuries. Coiled cables are very similar to regular cables. They can be used in many places, so there are many types available to suit your application. Check out our full offer.