The bulb holder with the cable is an element included in each tractor. It is responsible for the proper operation of lighting, connecting the bulb with electricity through a flexible cable.

Bulb holder with a cable resistant to external factors

Lighting is an extremely important part of any vehicle - it allows you to take an active part in road traffic. Properly arranged lamps in the agricultural machine guarantee the visibility of the tractor on the road, thanks to which other participants can see the vehicle from a distance. The lack of lighting on the tractor is associated with a high fine, while posing a huge threat. Light bulb holders with a cable are commonly used in agricultural machinery as an element of the lighting system.

A wide range of tractor accessories allows us to deliver parts of the highest quality. We have products made of high-quality materials, thanks to which the offered accessories are characterized by a long life and resistance to external factors - e.g. unfavorable weather conditions (wind, hail, rain, snow, sun rays, high or low temperatures).

Bulb holder with cable for tractors

Periodically it happens that the bulb in the agricultural machine burns out. This is usually due to wear and tear if the tractor is used frequently. It is assumed that the bulbs in the tractor last about a few years. Therefore, it is worth bearing in mind that if the machine requires frequent replacement, you should look for another cause of rapid wear - e.g. it may be a damaged headlight, or rather a bulb holder. In such a situation, we should buy a new frame,

Another cause of bulb damage may be homitude that has entered the headlight. This may happen when replacing a light bulb, when the housing is accidentally open. A short circuit will then occur, which will then burn out the bulb. Another situation may be a problem with the gasket. The worn-out element will also leak homitude, of course in this situation it will be necessary to replace the gasket.

Bulb holders - other lighting

We offer both bulb holders and other lighting lamps for the tractor. We have the necessary lighting accessories for agricultural machines, which enable tractors to fully participate in road traffic.