Correctly marked vehicle increases road safety. Trailer marking plates are therefore a necessary accessory for every vehicle of this type. Road traffic regulations precisely regulate the equipment that every car should have.

Light reflecting boards distinguishing the trailer

Safe vehicle movement is possible only if the car is equipped with appropriate accessories. Long and heavy vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tons must be properly marked. Trailers are very often their additional equipment, which is why they should also have marking plates. The type of marking depends on the nature of the vehicle, while the most common category are elements with diagonal stripes arranged at right angles on the board.

Where should the vehicle identification plates be placed?

The road traffic regulations specify where the marking plate must be affixed on the vehicle. It should be located perpendicularly and symmetrically to the longitudinal axis:

• The vehicle marking plate must contain diagonal stripes at an angle of 45º +/- 5º to the vertical, 100 mm +/- 2.5 mm wide. The board should be in appropriate colours - red (fluorescent) and yellow (reflective). The combination of colours makes the light reflect, and thus the vehicle is visible from a distance.

• The plate distinguishing the trailer or semi-trailer must have a yellow background and a red fluorescent border.

• The lower part of the marking plates must not be lower than 250 mm, and the upper part not higher than 2100 mm in relation to the road surface.

• The side, outer edges of the accessory should be located at a distance not exceeding 400 mm from the side contour of the vehicle.

Signs distinguishing the trailer resistant to weather conditions

A wide range of products allows you to find the perfect accessory for each trailer model. The marking boards are made of solid materials, resistant to external factors - e.g. unfavourable weather conditions. This is a very important feature because the trailer's marking plates are constantly exposed to strong wind, hail, rain, high or low temperatures. Strongly attached to the vehicle prevents detachment of the signboard of the trailer while driving.