Appropriate equipment of the vehicle we use on the roads not only protects us from being fined, but above all ensures the safety of both ours and other road users. A well-lit vehicle improves our visibility, which helps to avoid road accidents and any collisions. Solid products made of high-quality materials guarantee long and efficient operation of our vehicles. When looking for the necessary parts, we should therefore use the services of a proven store that provides durable and the best accessories for trucks on the market.

Marker lamp shades are one of the most important lights in the truck

Vehicle lighting is a mandatory element of safety that must be taken care of in order to participate in road traffic. It provides the driver with good visibility and makes the vehicle properly noticeable, so when equipping it, we should make sure that the car lamp shades are made of good quality materials. Marker lamps are among the legally required lights that a truck should have. They make it easier for other drivers to estimate the real size of a truck from considerable distances. Marker lamps "outline" the car, making it more visible to other drivers. According to the established regulations, in order for them to function properly, they should be visible at night from a distance of 300 meters. There are three basic types of clearance lamps:

- front, white,

- rear, in red

- side position lights, yellow - compulsory for trucks exceeding a length of six meters.

Provide your vehicle with a high-quality marker lamp shade

The Kamar technical vehicle parts store offers a wide range of products that will allow you to properly equip your car. The offer includes permanent and durable marker lamp shades, thanks to which you will ensure proper visibility of your truck on the road. In order for the marker lamp shade to fulfill its function properly, it is necessary to remember about its correct and proper installation in a specific place of the car. Red lights must be placed at the rear of the vehicle and white lights must be placed in front of the vehicle for better light emission. Check the products available in our offer.