Fog lights are responsible for proper visibility and ensuring safety for both the vehicle and other road users during unfavourable weather conditions and low air transparency. Lamps available in our store are a guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

The best fog lamps for your vehicle

In order for the vehicle to be properly visible on the road and not to pose a danger to road users, it is necessary to properly distinguish it. Correct lighting significantly improves the driver's visibility of the road, as well as properly signs the machine, making it visible from a distance. This is necessary especially during unfavourable weather conditions and after dark. It helps to reduce the number of road accidents and collisions.

Fog lights - excellent performance and long-term smooth operation

Caring for the correct lighting of the vehicle, we should equip it with all useful lights, such as fog lamps. It is an additional type of tractor lighting, which significantly improves its visibility in times of low air transparency. The rear fog lamps are used according to the rules that are precisely defined in the Highway Code. If the lights are used incorrectly or if they are not working properly, the risk of danger increases and this results in fines in the form of fines. Therefore, it is extremely important to constantly monitor their technical condition and, if necessary, react in time.

Proven tractor fog lamps

High-quality products are responsible for the good and efficient functioning of machines. Decent tractor fog lamps ensure its long and efficient use. Accessories made of the best quality materials ensure the safety of the vehicle and its surroundings. They are not as defective as low-end products and they do not break down as often, so we are able to avoid additional costs associated with their repair or replacement.

Kamar is a proven and experienced manufacturer of spare parts and accessories for technical vehicles. The store offers the highest quality lighting products that you will properly equip your vehicle with. They are characterized by effective resistance to mechanical damage and high resistance to temperature differences. Check all available products.