Truck tires play a key role in safely covering hundreds of kilometers. It is therefore important to ensure that the tires have adequate road grip. Therefore, tire maintenance accessories should be mandatory equipment for every vehicle.

Tire accessories for each truck

Vulcanization accessories dedicated to trucks include: inflating hoses, guns for inflating wheels, wheel extensions, metal caps, air tips and tips for inflating wheels. Each product is made of high-quality materials that ensure long and trouble-free use. Solid tire accessories are adapted to the wheels of renowned truck models, thanks to which we are able to provide the necessary parts for most trucks.

Robust accessories for handling tires

Trucks are most often used in the transport, logistics and forwarding industries. They are used to transport huge amounts of cargo, most often over long stretches of the route. High exploitation means that each element of the vehicle must be based on solid and durable materials. Tire maintenance accessories allow you to control the air pressure in the tires, correcting it if necessary. The parts take up little space, so it is worth including them in the necessary equipment of the vehicle. With their help, it is possible to perform basic vulcanization works - e.g. supplementing the amount of air in a wheel.

Vulcanization accessories - road safety

Professional drivers know very well how important it is to constantly monitor the condition of the vehicle. The efficiency of the truck ensures the safety of not only the driver, but also other road users. What should you pay attention to?

• Periodically checking tire pressure. Less air has a negative effect on the service life of the wheels and increases fuel consumption.

• Maintaining a constant pressure level recommended by the manufacturer.

• Tire wear monitoring via wear indicator.

• If there are any bulges, cracks or cuts in the tires, go to the mechanic.

• Replacement of worn tires.

Driving on the road in winter requires much more from a truck. Therefore, it is necessary to properly adapt the tires to unfavorable weather conditions. Changing tires guarantees safe travel, ensuring better traction to the road covered with rain, snow, ice or black ice.