Adapters are a wide group of accessories used in every sector. Adapters for a truck allow you to connect the electrical installation in a trailer or a tow truck. These accessories are therefore necessary for the correct and safe movement of the vehicle with the trailer on the road.

Truck adapters for each vehicle model

Our assortment includes a wide selection of truck adapters that will allow you to quickly and easily connect any type of trailer. We have accessories with a solid and durable structure, which are based on high-quality materials. Strong materials guarantee safe use for many years. Our offer includes, among others adapter from a 15-pin socket to 2 x 7-pin plugs, a 12 V adapter for connecting a trailer with a 7-pin plug to a car with a 13-pin socket, a 12 V adapter for connecting a 13-pin trailer to a car with a 7-pin socket , adapter cable 15/7 long or adapter 12 V 13/7. The accessories we offer come from reputable manufacturers who take care of providing only the best quality parts.

Truck adapters for electrical connection

Truck adapters enable all kinds of connections to be precisely made. Safe connection of the electrical system guarantees access to energy when a trailer or a tow truck is to be connected to the vehicle. The adapter is necessary when the truck has a different PIN number in the socket than the installation of a trailer or a tow truck. Proper and skillful connection of the electric harness with the use of the proposed adapters enables the proper operation of the lights.

The use of adapters not only increases the safety of the truck driver and other road users, but also allows you to avoid a costly fine for the lack of lights in the trailer or tow truck. Therefore, you should never set off on a journey without the necessary equipment from your truck.

Adapters for a truck - a wide range of electrotechnical accessories

Our offer also includes other accessories from the electrical engineering category: disconnectors, rectifiers, converters, jumpers, sound signals, battery terminals, sockets, bulb holders, relays, electric cables, electrical boxes, plugs and connector connectors.