The high-quality products we use have a significant impact on the success of our company. Solid and durable accessories take care of the technical condition of machines, safety around them and last for much longer. In the case of slightly inferior quality accessories, we have to take into account possible repairs, replacements or the need to buy new, working elements. This generates additional costs and reduces the efficiency of our work, which may be limited during this time. Cooperation with an experienced supplier offering proven products will help us save money, nerves and time.

Pneumatic couplings ensure long operation and adequate tightness

Kamar is an experienced manufacturer of accessories and parts for trucks. The store's offer includes a wide range of pneumatic products, among which you will find all those that interest you. Pneumatic connectors are essential elements in any pneumatic installation used in many industrial sectors. Due to the simplicity and speed of assembly, the pneumatic couplings available in our offer belong to the group of the most frequently used pneumatic couplings. Pneumatic fittings are most often made of steel, plastic and brass. The selection of the appropriate one depends mainly on their application. The steel coupler is characterized by high-quality workmanship and high pressure resistance. Due to the possibility of corrosion due to moisture in compressed air systems, it is best to use a brass fitting. In an industry where conditions are more stringent due to sanitary requirements, stainless steel couplings are used. In turn, plastic couplings are extremely light and easy to install, but their strength is not as promising as in the case of brass or steel couplings.

Pneumatic fittings - wide choice

Pneumatics connectors can be found in a straight, angular or bulkhead form. They are available in the form of tees, crosses and elbows, which allows them to be mounted anywhere in a given installation. Pneumatic couplings are used in installations and tubular structures, and also contribute to the construction of machines and tools. Check out our available models and find the one that interests you.