Securing the load during transport plays an important role, as it allows you to safely transport a selected number of goods to the destination. The appropriate form of securing depends directly on the type of cargo.

Protection of cargo in agriculture - types of forces acting on the cargo

Various types of security elements are commonly used, mainly due to the action of physical forces on the vehicle. The brackets are therefore a must-have accessory for every tractor that carries a load on a trailer. What forces act on the vehicle?

• Acceleration - a quick change of tractor speed causes the load placed on the trailer to shift to the rear.

• Braking - reverse acceleration. Reducing the tractor speed shifts the load towards the tractor cab.

• Turns - lateral acceleration. The tractor turns and brings the load on the trailer closer to the side walls.

• Gravity - the load pushes against the surface of the trailer.

• Mass force - inertia force. The load on the trailer remains in a temporary position, stops or acts in a manner opposite to the acceleration of the vehicle, braking or changing direction of movement.

• Friction force - minimizes the possibility of the load sliding on the trailer. This type of force is influenced by the loading surface and the area of the load.

Securing edge - full load protection

Edges protectors available in the store's offer are characterized by high quality. The construction based on solid and durable materials guarantees the resistance of the parts to external factors - e.g. unfavorable weather conditions (wind, rain, hail, snow, intense sunlight). It is worth joining the securing angle with the straps or safety belts. Small elements perfectly support the belts, thanks to which the load is provided with full protection.

Securing of cargo during transport – edge protectors, tapes and securing straps

Tractors are most often used in agriculture, but will also find use in other sectors. The universal nature of the tractor allows it to transport loads mainly with the use of a trailer. Securing cargo during transport is therefore a mandatory activity, as it minimizes the risk of damage or distortion of the transported goods. A wide selection of angles and securing straps in our offer allows you to fully secure any type of load.