Truck body elements, despite their small size, constitute a very important part of the entire vehicle equipment. Without them, the car would be incomplete, because most of them have a protective function.

Body parts for trucks with a solid and durable structure

We have body parts for trucks that perfectly fit into reputable vehicle models. Accessories made of high-quality materials are characterized by high durability and resistance. The solid structure of the body parts guarantees trouble-free use for many years. The available body parts for trucks come exclusively from reputable manufacturers. By matching the right accessories, your truck can be safer on the road, keeping it safe for other road users.

Truck body parts available in our store

The elements presented by us are an integral part of a truck, therefore they are a necessary equipment. We offer:

• fender clips,

• fenders,

• screw caps,

• wheel covers with an indicator,

• external handles,

• edges protectors for securing the load.

Body Parts Service Tips

It is very important to constantly monitor the technical condition of the truck. Appropriate control allows to detect the possible need to replace parts, and thus prevents breakdowns. There are several methods and ways to keep your truck operational for much longer:

• The bodywork should be washed properly, using a soft and clean cloth intended for this type of part. It is very important to thoroughly rinse the body with water to completely remove the dirt and thus minimize the possibility of scratching.

• Any organic dirt should be removed as soon as it is noticed. Bird droppings contain acids that are harmful to the paintwork.

• It is recommended to protect invisible depressions or unpainted elements with a specialized anti-corrosion agent.

However, there are inevitable situations, very often independent of the driver himself. Breakdowns exclude the vehicle from circulation for some time, and as a result large amounts of money are lost. That is why technical control is so important, which in many cases allows you to react in a timely manner and thus prevent possible problems and difficulties in the future.