Marker lamps play a very important role in the lighting of a technical vehicle. They "outline" the car, making it more noticeable to other road users. Thanks to appropriate marking, they help to avoid road accidents.

Clearance lamp covers - extremely important vehicle marking

Properly securing our vehicle on the road depends on many different elements that are part of its equipment. One of the basic and most important is lighting. It not only properly secures and distinguishes the vehicle from others, but also ensures overall road safety. Good lighting significantly improves visibility, which helps to reduce road collisions. Marker lamps make it easier for other drivers to estimate the actual size of the vehicle, making it more visible, especially after dark or in unfavourable weather conditions.

Choose the right clearance lamp shade for your machine

When equipping the vehicle with all the necessary parts, we should pay special attention to their quality and origin. Decent products made of high-quality materials affect the long and efficient functioning of our machines. Marker lamps must be located on the vehicle and trailer if their width exceeds 2.1 m. White lights should be placed at the front, and red lights - at the rear. The regulations also say that these lights must be visible at night already from a distance of 300 meters. The shades of the vehicle marker lamps should therefore come from a proven and experienced store.

High quality tractor lamp covers

Kamar is a manufacturer that offers top-class accessories and spare parts for all types of technical vehicles. In the wide range of products available, you will find vehicle equipment such as tractor lamp shades. Proven parts from our store will serve you for a long time. In order for the marker lamp shade to properly fulfil its role and be properly visible, we must remember to install it in the right place. Lighting is also responsible for the good technical condition of our vehicle, thanks to which we not only endanger other drivers, but also avoid fines.