Lubricators play an important role - they maintain machines, devices or vehicle parts. The technical condition of the tractor should be constantly monitored, as a possible failure may lead to serious consequences.

Flexible lubricator hoses

Periodic use of grease significantly extends the life of each device. However, it is not always easy to get to places that are difficult to reach on the machine. Then it is necessary to use a hose for a grease gun. The flexible structure of the accessory makes the use of the cable easy and hassle-free. All parts offered by our store are made of high-quality materials, thanks to which the accessories are resistant to external factors. Thus, frequent bending does not adversely affect the design of the element. It is not necessary to have any special skills as the grease gun hose can be easily attached and disassembled.

Grease gun hoses are commonly used in many industries. In principle, there are no restrictions on application, therefore lubricator hoses can be used for the maintenance of construction, industrial and agricultural machinery. Grease guns are mandatory equipment not only for professional workshops, but also for home garages.

Lubricator lines - types of lubricators

Lubricator hoses are intended for devices with which grease is supplied to a selected location. Due to the structure and method of operation, we can distinguish manual, foot or pneumatic grease guns. A pneumatic machine works by applying pressure that allows a lubricant to be applied to an area. The manual accessory is operated by a lever, while the foot accessory is operated by a pedal.

Grease gun hose - remaining offer

We focus on providing the highest quality accessories and parts necessary for the proper functioning of agricultural machinery, trucks, passenger cars, trailers and forklifts. We work with leading manufacturers on the market, thanks to which we guarantee excellent quality of the products offered. Each of them passed the required tests necessary to introduce the accessory into circulation.

In addition to the presented parts, the offer also includes other elements for agricultural machinery - accessories for tire handling, warning lights, flashlights, cable ties, clamps, grease nipples, grease nipples, marking plates, cargo securing, tarpaulin accessories, wheel wrenches, mirrors, belts transport or bearing pullers.