All agricultural machinery, as well as other vehicles running on public roads, in addition to efficient lighting, should also have well-functioning reflective devices. In our store's offer you will find a wide selection of necessary supplies for many types of machines.

Reflectors - easy-to-use vehicle safety devices

Appropriate lighting has a large impact on the proper protection of each type of vehicle moving on public roads. It is responsible for its proper marking and distinction, thanks to which the vehicle is much easier to notice by other road users already from considerable distances. This is extremely helpful at night and during unfavourable weather conditions, when other drivers can react in a timely manner to a vehicle signalling a change of lane or direction of travel. Due to better visibility, you can observe a much smaller number of road accidents. All kinds of lighting elements, such as lamps, lamp shades, their mounts, or reflectors should therefore be of high quality.

Reliable retro reflectors for tractors

The best-quality accessories and spare parts ensure a good technical condition of vehicles. It directly contributes to the improvement of road safety, as the risk of driving faults is low. The high quality of the elements of industrial machinery equipment guarantees their long and efficient functioning. Any defective parts that are ignored can lead to much more serious damage in the future that affects the operation of the entire vehicle. It is associated with the need for their repair and replacement, which generates unnecessary costs and adversely affects the efficiency of work. It is therefore a good solution to ensure that the control lamps are purchased from a reliable supplier.

Modern and innovative vehicle control lamps

The Kamar store offers high-quality spare parts and accessories for all types of technical vehicles. In the rich and varied assortment you will find the necessary reflectors for tractors, as well as for other industrial machines. All accessories are characterized by extraordinary strength and resistance to both mechanical damage and large temperature differences. Check out our available models.