Converters for off-road vehicles are used to change the voltage of the current - increasing the number of volts in sockets that do not have the required value. The change, on the other hand, allows you to connect devices that need a certain number of volts.

Converters for off-road and demanding conditions

The converters have been designed to increase the comfort and convenience of off-road driving. Off-road vehicles are commonly used, e.g. during rescue operations. The solid structure of the car is adapted to demanding conditions, therefore the vehicle can reach hard-to-reach places. The structure is also resistant to external factors - e.g. unfavourable weather conditions. Off-road cars are adapted to driving on unpaved roads. They can easily cope with mountains, forests, ravines or quarries.

Converters for off-road vehicles have a specific take-off power and peak value, given in watts. These values inform us about the nature of the devices that can be connected to the inverter. When choosing the right model, we need to check the efficiency, which determines the level of processed energy supplied to the socket. The input voltage range of a lighter in an off-road vehicle is also noteworthy. The different parameters may result from different types of battery used in the vehicle.

Certified converters for off-road vehicles

Converters must have appropriate protections that protect the device against excessive overheating, overload, voltage drops or short-circuit. We offer a wide selection of off-road converters for each off-road car model. Each device is characterized by reliability, because it has the required approvals and certificates. Accessories are made of high-quality materials, resistant to damage or destruction.

Converters for off-road vehicles - necessary accessories

Our rich assortment is based on accessories not only for off-road vehicles, but also for passenger cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, forklifts, trailers, semi-trailers and tow trucks. We provide parts for tire service, warning and tarpaulin accessories, body parts, hoses and grease nipples, marking plates, cable ties, clamps, bearing pullers, transport belts and wheel wrenches.

In addition, we also have the necessary lighting, required by law. The lack of specific lamps is associated with a risk in road traffic and a high fine.