The offroad plugs allow you to connect the electrical system to the trailer, if the vehicle is equipped with it. These accessories are necessary because they allow you to properly illuminate the trailer.

Off-road vehicle plugs to increase the visibility of the vehicle

Participation in road traffic requires a roadworthy vehicle, equipped with the necessary accessories, parts and devices. The driver of the vehicle is obliged to be especially attentive and to maintain safety considerations. Offroad plugs will be perfect when you want to attach a trailer or a tow truck to an off-road vehicle. These vehicles are not self-propelled, therefore they should be connected to the electrical system from the car. The use of appropriate plugs allows the trailer to be properly illuminated, making it visible on the road.

Road traffic law specifies exactly which lamps must be used in each vehicle. The plugs for offroad vehicles power the lamps in the trailer directly.

Plugs for offroad vehicles to illuminate the trailer and tow truck

Off-road cars have a very wide range of applications. They are widely used not only for everyday driving, but also for motor sports or rescue operations. The solid construction of the off-road car makes it perform well in all conditions. It is adapted for driving on unpaved terrain - e.g. in forests, mountains, ravines or quarries.

In many situations it is necessary to attach a trailer to the vehicle. The vehicle must then be visible to other road users. We offer solid and durable plugs for off-road vehicles. They are resistant to external factors - e.g. unfavourable weather conditions. We work only with reputable manufacturers, thanks to which we provide reliable accessories.

Plugs for offroad, cars and trucks

If we want to additionally increase the safety of the off-road vehicle and the trailer, we should also equip it with appropriate marking plates. Our offer also includes accessories from this category, which make the vehicle visible from a very long distance.

In addition, we also have other types of accessories and parts for each type of vehicle - cars, trucks, agricultural machinery and forklifts.