The correct condition of forklift tires guarantees adequate adhesion to the ground, and thus determines the safe use of the vehicle. Therefore, accessories for handling tires are indispensable equipment of this type of machines.

Forklift Tire Parts - Vulcanization

Forklift vulcanization accessories include tire inflating guns, hoses, wheel extenders, metal caps, air tips and tire inflating attachments. We provide products made of the highest quality materials, thanks to which we guarantee trouble-free use for many years. The presented parts are universal in character, therefore they are suitable for all tires, regardless of the model. We specialize in sourcing forklift tire parts with a solid and durable structure. Each accessory is resistant to external factors, deformation or damage.

Forklifts are widely used in many industries. They are indispensable vehicles in warehouses, workshops or production plants. A forklift truck allows you to lift heavy loads and transport them both in closed and open spaces.

Accessories for vulcanization of forklifts - technical condition of tires

The tires of each vehicle require constant monitoring of the technical condition of this type of part. The wheels are directly responsible for the safety of the driver and people in the immediate vicinity of the forklift. Therefore, they should be efficient and the risk of a possible threat minimized completely. Several points deserve attention:

• It is important to check the tire pressure as insufficient tire air has a negative effect on the service life of the tires.

• It is also important to maintain a constant pressure value recommended by the manufacturer.

• Tire wear can be monitored through an appropriate wear indicator.

• However, there are situations in which it is necessary to go to the workshop - for example, when you notice bulges in the tires, cracks, cuts or complete wear of the tires.

Accessories for handling tires for forklifts - a wide range of products

Our offer includes many more parts and accessories for each type of vehicle - trucks, agricultural machinery, trailers or off-road vehicles. We provide the highest quality electrical engineering, lighting and pneumatics. We care about ensuring full safety on the roads.