The sockets for the trailer provide the electrical connection with the vehicle to which the trailer is connected. These accessories are necessary because they have a direct impact on the road safety of the vehicle.

Trailer sockets - necessary vehicle lighting 

Participation in road traffic requires compliance with road traffic regulations. These standards also apply to the equipment that a passenger car, truck, agricultural machine or trailer should have at their disposal. One of the most important regulations is to provide the necessary lighting in the vehicle. Lamps significantly increase the visibility of the car on the road, especially after dark. The lack of efficient lighting not only poses a threat to other road users, but also results in a high fine.

Trailer sockets - seven and thirteen positions

We offer sockets for trailers of all models. We have accessories with a different number of risers, so it is easy to choose the right part. The wiring harness is located in the area of the towing hook, so it is used when towing the vehicle or charging the battery located in the caravan. However, the main function of a socket for trailers is the opportunity to connect an electrical installation that is responsible for lighting.

Accessories of this type come in many types. The first category includes a seven-prong (seven-pole, seven-prong) socket. The construction of the accessory is of course based on seven wires. The part is designed to illuminate direction indicators, position lamps or stop lamps. Another type of electrical sockets is a thirteen-pin element. The product includes two types - a harness with eight wires or a bundle with twelve wires. The first type applies to brake lights, position lights, reversing lights or indicators. The second socket supports brake, reversing, direction indicators and position lights.

Electric sockets - reliable car accessories

We provide the highest quality accessories and parts for any type of vehicle - passenger cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, trailers or off-road vehicles. We work only with leading manufacturers on the market, thanks to which each element is extremely reliable. The durable structure is resistant to external factors, thanks to which our products can be used without problems for many years. We offer accessories from the category of electrical engineering, lighting and pneumatics.