The safety of not only the vehicles themselves, but also the environment around them depends on the proper supply of trucks. High-quality accessories and spare parts contribute to their proper functioning, performance and good technical condition. In the case of inferior quality materials, one must take into account their defectiveness and the fact that they do not last for a long time, which may affect the proper operation of the vehicle. During their failure, do not continue driving, because the damaged system will not be fully functional, which may lead to more serious damage to other components. For these reasons, it is extremely important to find an experienced supplier who offers proven products of the best quality. This will help save money, unnecessary problems and valuable time.

We offer the best spare parts for trucks on the market

Kamar is a producer of accessories and spare parts for technical vehicles, including trucks. Its offer includes a wide range of products for pneumatic installations. Pneumatics for trucks is essential for the proper functioning of this type of vehicle. It significantly improves driving comfort and contributes to a much better payload. That is why it is so important to constantly monitor the operation of its individual elements, because any faults may initiate more serious problems affecting the disruption of the operation of the entire machine.

Pneumatics for trucks have many different applications

Pneumatics for trucks has found its application in the braking system, steering and suspension. It is responsible, inter alia, for transferring high forces to the brakes operating in the pneumatic circuit. It also provides the necessary pressure to the entire air suspension system. Each of these functions is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and its surroundings, and therefore should be constantly monitored. The wide offer of the Kamar store has all types of connectors, quick couplings, valves, hoses and many other spare parts for trucks. Check out our full offer and find specialized products for your car.