Truck transport belts are an excellent method of securing cargo during transport. Skillful use of this type of tapes guarantees trouble-free transport of the selected number of goods.

Lashing straps for trucks with universal use

We provide transport belts and tapes of various lengths or thicknesses. The presented products are characterized by high-quality material with high strength properties. They are not only resistant to the weight of the load, but also to unfavorable weather conditions - strong wind, rain, hail or snow. Additionally, the fastening belts are fully resistant to low and high temperatures. These properties are extremely important because the road conditions are sometimes extremely difficult. Lashing straps are an excellent solution for light loads on a trailer, cars on a tow truck, parcels in the cargo bay of a delivery truck, heavier pallets with goods on a TIR trailer, as well as industrial or construction machines. Each of the above-mentioned loads can be safely transported using our transport belts, which are able to protect a load of several tons. The type of belt depends directly on the weight and size of the load. The presented products are properly tested, therefore they guarantee quality and safety. Our company work only with proven producers, thanks to which we deliver a product that complies with the applicable standards.

Lashing straps for road safety

Universal lashing straps should be mandatory equipment for every truck. They take up little space and are an invaluable help when transporting heavy loads. The transport belts for trucks available in the offer are adequately described, so that you can easily find the right product. Belts of this type are still the most popular security system, and at the same time extremely easy to use. However, it is extremely important to be careful when lashing, so as to completely eliminate the possibility of the strap detaching during transport of the load. Such a situation would pose a great threat not only to the truck driver, but most of all to other road users.

Transport belts for trucks - characteristics

Lashing straps and transport belts for trucks are characterized by:

• resistance to heavy loads,

• solid workmanship,

• resistance to external factors.