Electric cables are commonly used elements that connect the power source with the receiver. With their participation, it is possible to transmit information and electricity. Cables, due to their universal nature, are commonly used in every industry.

Automotive installation cables used in all fields

All cables available on the market perform the same function, but differ in construction and purpose. Cables allow you to expand the electrical installation. The use of this type of solutions allows to avoid excessive load on the existing system, which would otherwise involve the need to consume large amounts of energy.

Until a dozen or so years ago, the use of electrics in a vehicle was only used to start the engine. Currently, the current from the battery is transferred to many devices throughout the car. This type of power supply is necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle in road traffic. Vehicle electrical cables transmit data and signals from various switches or sensors. Therefore, cars have a large number of cables, and each of them has a specific purpose. They are used in AC or DC electric installations. The numerical value of the voltage depends on the battery.

Car electric cables - types

We can divide cables into two categories - PVC cables and cables made of cross-linked polyethylene. PVC insulation increases the flexibility of the cable. This feature makes the cable resistant to high or low temperatures. The advantage is also the inability to spread the flame. Additionally, this material is a self-extinguishing material. Cross-linked polyethylene is not affected by temperature, so it does not change its volume during drastic changes. It works perfectly as an electrical insulator, not corrosive to radiation.

Electric cables - wide range of accessories and parts for trucks

A wide selection of electric cables for trucks allows you to find the necessary cables for each truck model. The products are made of high-quality materials, therefore they are resistant to quick wear. We work with leading manufacturers, providing our customers with solid and durable products. In addition, we also offer other types of parts and accessories for trucks.