The switches in the agricultural machine are the necessary equipment of the electrical system. They are used to connect the most important installations in the tractor, which are responsible for the safety of the vehicle and other road users.

Switches for the tractor resistant to external factors

Switches are an extensive category of small components, the presence of which in a vehicle determines the efficient and safe operation of the machine. A tractor is a vehicle for universal use. It is most often used for field work, but the machine can also be used in sectors other than agriculture. The universality of the vehicle results mainly from the durable and solid construction of the tractor, which is adapted to demanding conditions. Resistance to external factors is a key feature, because the agricultural machine is constantly exposed to strong wind, rain, hail, snow, intense sunlight, high or low temperatures.

Switches for the tractor are made of high quality materials, so they can be used without problems for many years. We provide our customers with parts and accessories from reputable manufacturers whose products are resistant to wear and the passage of time.

Switches for agricultural machines dedicated to various models

The switches available in our offer are a wide range of products tailored to each tractor model. We have switches for direction indicators, lights, pull-out switches, starter buttons and signal buttons. Accessories are perfect for both new and slightly older machines. Equipping the tractor with the necessary parts allows the vehicle to be properly put into road traffic.

Indicator or light switches play a key role in the machine, as they increase the visibility of the vehicle in the dark.

Switches for tractor - remaining offer

A wide range of electrical engineering products allows us to provide the necessary parts and accessories for agricultural and construction machinery, trucks, trailers and forklifts. Our offer also includes adapters, disconnectors, rectifiers, converters, electrical boxes, sound signals, battery terminals, sockets, bulb holders, relays, circuit breakers, starter cables, ignition switches, plugs or connector connectors. In addition to the above-mentioned products, we also have the necessary lighting for the tractor, pneumatics and other types of accessories. Of course, the presented parts are of high quality.