Slow-moving vehicle signs are necessary in the case of agricultural tractors, slow-moving vehicles or trailers that are connected to these machines. A triangular board in orange and red colors is commonly used for this purpose.

Tractor triangle - construction guidelines

The parameters and specificity of the triangle for agricultural tractors are described in detail in Annex 11 to the ordinance on the technical conditions of vehicles (the Law on Road Traffic). The board is made of aluminum. The interior of the triangle is red and has reflective properties. The border of the triangle is red fluorescent material. The edges of the board should be secured with a hose made of a rubber material. The dimensions of the triangle are also strictly defined:

• height - 36 cm,

• width - 41 cm,

• inner triangle shoulder - 35 cm.

Marking must comply with the reg. No. 69 UNECE ITS Certificate E 20 approval.

Triangle to the tractor - location

The distinguishing triangle should be located at the rear of the tractor perpendicularly and symmetrically to the longitudinal axis and perpendicular to the road surface. It is also possible to use a marking plate on the left side of the tractor - however, other guidelines must be respected. Of course, the apex of the triangle must be pointing upwards. An additional requirement is the placement of the board in relation to the road - the lower edge must not be lower than 50 cm, and the upper edge higher than 150 cm. It should be noted, however, that in the case of a vehicle structure that prevents compliance with this type of criteria, it is allowed to shift the upper limit up to 150 cm.

Tractor marking plates resistant to unfavorable weather conditions

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