The plugs for trucks allow you to connect the electrical system to the trailer. However, this system guarantees the efficient operation of lighting, which is necessary in road traffic - regardless of the type of vehicle.

Car plugs to connect the trailer lighting

All road users are obliged to be especially careful. It is very important to keep all safety considerations when driving a vehicle, but it is also important that the car is properly equipped. Car plugs are accessories necessary when connecting trailers, semi-trailers or tow trucks to trucks. Each of them requires appropriate lighting, the task of which will be to increase the visibility of the vehicle on the road. The plugs allow the current to flow, and thus allow you to power lamps installed, for example, in a trailer.

Truck plugs resistant to external influences

We have a wide range of car plugs for each truck model. Our products are characterized by high-quality workmanship, because they are based on durable and solid materials. We work with proven manufacturers who focus on creating indestructible car accessories and parts. The use of reputable materials makes these accessories resistant to external factors - e.g. unfavorable weather conditions (strong wind, rain, hail, snow or intense sunlight). Trailer plugs are extremely easy to operate, so you don't need to have any special skills.

Trailer plugs for vehicles operating in any industry

Trucks are widely used in almost every field. They are perfect in the transport, forwarding, logistics and delivery industries. Large dimensions allow the vehicle to transport huge amounts of goods over long journeys. Trucks have therefore become mandatory equipment for companies in every sector. Sometimes it is necessary to connect an additional truck or trailer to the vehicle. Its proper functioning is only possible when the plugs for trucks are used. In addition to efficient lighting, the trailers also require special marking plates, also available in our assortment, to be placed on the vehicle. They increase road safety, as the marked object can be seen from a distance of up to 1000 m.