One of the most important lamps of the vehicle's lighting equipment are the front and rear marker lamps. They are responsible for "contouring" the machine, thanks to which it is better visible to other road users from considerable distances.

Marker lamps - protecting the lighting of your vehicle

Adequate lighting is largely responsible for the correct visibility of vehicles on the road. It is a basic, mandatory piece of equipment that allows it to participate in road traffic. It not only allows the vehicle to be properly distinguished and labelled, but is also responsible for overall safety, helping the driver to illuminate the road. Correct lighting of the vehicle also contributes to fewer road accidents. Marker lamps help other drivers to estimate the actual size of the vehicle from a distance, which allows you to keep a safe distance.

Specialist and efficient LED clearance lamp

Another factor that has a significant impact on the safety of the driver, the vehicle and its surroundings are high-quality parts included in the equipment. Their solid workmanship allows for long and efficient use for a long time, even in bad weather conditions. Specialized lighting elements are also responsible for the good technical condition of the vehicle, which significantly increases its efficiency and extends its smooth operation. For these reasons, it is important to decide to buy good quality products from trusted stores.

Take care of durable tractor marker lamps

Marker lamps for tractors shall be located on a vehicle and a trailer that exceeds 2.1 m in width. White lamps must be at the front of the vehicle and red lamps at the rear. The Kamar store is an experienced manufacturer of all types of removable lighting elements for industrial vehicles. In the rich offer of the store you will find the necessary accessories, such as the LED marker lamp, as well as many other articles that will allow you to properly secure and mark the vehicle. Check out the other items in our assortment and find the ones you need.