Accessories for servicing tires for off-road vehicles should be provided to every owner of this type of vehicle. Off-road wheels are particularly demanding as they must be adapted to the toughest terrain conditions.

Offroad tire service accessories increasing safety

Off-road cars are a category of off-road vehicles used in motor sports. It consists in navigating unpaved areas - e.g. in forests, mountains, quarries or ravines. These cars are also used for everyday driving on the road or in the case of rescue actions. The strong and solid structure of the vehicle guarantees resistance not only to difficult terrain, but also to unfavourable weather conditions - e.g. strong wind, rain, hail, snow or intense sunlight. No wonder that many people decide to buy this type of car.

Offroad vulcanization accessories available in our assortment allow you to supplement the air pressure in the tire. Constant monitoring of the condition of the wheels is necessary, because under-inflated tires pose a threat to the driver of the vehicle and other road users.

Accessories for handling tires for off-road vehicles - monitoring and control

Vehicle owners are well aware of the importance of tire air control. Off-road tire service accessories should therefore be mandatory equipment in every garage. In the case of under-inflated wheels, it is not necessary then to go to a car repair shop.

How should I take care of off-road vehicle tires?

• Check the air pressure periodically, as less air reduces the life of the tires and increases fuel consumption at the same time.

• Maintain the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

• Evaluate the wear of the tires using the wear index.

• Go to a specialist car repair shop if you notice any bulges, cracks or cuts on the tires.

• Replace worn tires.

Offroad vulcanization accessories - certified parts

The available parts in our offer include hoses for inflating wheels, guns for inflating wheels, wheel extensions, metal caps, air tips and tips for inflating wheels. Regardless of the type of accessory, each of them is made of extremely strong materials. Additionally, it has the required approvals and certificates.