Long and heavy vehicles - lorries and special vehicles - weighing more than 7.5 t are required to be properly marked. Marking plates are therefore a necessary equipment for many vehicles on our roads.

Truck marking plates with strong and durable structure

The plates for heavy vehicles are not, however, on tractors, because the obligation to have them does not apply to them. The broadest category of marking plates are plates with diagonal stripes placed at an appropriate angle. The element has yellow (reflective) and red (fluorescent) colors. The use of this type of material makes the reflected light of other vehicles seem as if the boards emanate it themselves. The plates for lorries must be placed perpendicularly and symmetrically to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. It is possible to mount both vertically and horizontally.

Truck marking plates are made of solid materials, thanks to which they are resistant to external factors. The durability of this type of elements is crucial because they are constantly exposed to unfavorable weather conditions - strong wind, sun rays, rain, hail or snow. A strong adhesive on the underside is also important. It must not be susceptible to high or low temperatures. Some models are also attached mechanically with screws.

Heavy vehicle plates increasing safety

The use of marking plates significantly increases road safety. As the name suggests, the plaque distinguishes the vehicle and improves its visibility on the road. A marked truck can be seen even from 1000 m. Other road users can therefore react in time in the event of changing road conditions and thus avoid possible collisions.

Truck plates for each car model 

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