When completing the equipment of a technical vehicle, we must remember to properly protect it with proven high-quality parts. Durable and solid execution of the necessary equipment elements directly affects the good technical condition of the vehicle. Thanks to this, work becomes much more efficient and effective. In the case of lower-quality accessories, however, we must take into account that their service life is much shorter - they are damaged faster and more often, which can lead to more extensive damage. It is connected with the need to repair, replace or buy new parts. One of the obligatory installations in the vehicle is lighting. Kamar is an experienced supplier with a huge selection of lamps, such as daytime running lamps.

Smart daytime running lamps

Daytime running lights, as the name suggests, are a type of automotive lighting designed for daytime driving. The form that the lights are to take is not uniform, so we can find many different types of lamps, including self-assembly kits. The introduction of daytime running lamps for general use has made it possible to move away from the much more energy-consuming low beam, which is now switched on mainly during poor visibility on the road and at dusk. LED daytime running lights are characterized by high durability and significant savings, because thanks to their use we reduce fuel consumption, and due to the low power consumption - we significantly relieve the battery.

Easy to use and install daytime running lights

The Kamar store offers a wide range of all accessories and spare parts for trucks. A diverse range of lighting products has the availability of items such as daytime running lamps. A solid structure and high-quality materials allow for proper protection of the car. The lamps are extremely easy to install. They do not require drilling or screwing, because they are glued on a double-sided tape. The cables should be pulled under the hood, connected with the battery and plugged. Check our offer and find out more.