The quality of the elements that make up the equipment has a great influence on the proper protection of the vehicle and its surroundings. High-quality truck parts guarantee their long and efficient operation. Durable and solid elements will fulfill their function for many years. The situation is different in the case of unproven accessories made of inferior material. Parts break down much faster and more often, posing a serious risk on the road. Even small defects can have much more serious consequences, which end with a mandatory penalty notice, the need to repair the damage or replace parts.

Innovative and modern reflective devices for trucks

The proper lighting of the vehicle largely corresponds to the proper protection of the vehicle on the road. It helps to distinguish and mark a vehicle that is much more easily noticeable by other road users, especially after dark and during unfavorable weather conditions. In addition, it informs about the intention to perform maneuvers that, unnoticed, could lead to accidents and traffic jams. Lighting, which consists of all kinds of lamps, their fixtures and reflectors, should therefore come from proven sources, so that we can be sure of their origin.

Control lamps that will protect your car

Kamar is an experienced distributor offering high-quality accessories and spare parts for trucks and more. The diverse and rich assortment will include specialized products for lighting equipment - innovative and modern lamp shades, reflectors, as well as control lamps, which include reflective devices, reflective contour tapes or reflective triangles. Reflectors are used to illuminate vehicles involved in road traffic. These are devices that shine only when light falls on them - they reflect them, effectively protecting a given surface. All available reflective devices for trucks are made of solid and durable materials that are resistant to large temperature differences. They are characterized by a durable structure and a modern look. Find out more and check our offer.