Joints of hoses are characterized by lightness, flexibility and high chemical and mechanical resistance. They have found their effective application, among others, in installations supplying combustion engines, pneumatic installations in trucks, in installations with compressed air, non-aggressive gases and liquids, in pneumatics of vulcanizing machines, in construction and agriculture. Other features of polyamide hose couplings are rigidity, high abrasion resistance, and high resistance to UV radiation. They are an extremely important element of the installation because they allow for effective, tight and stable connection of cables.

Polyamide hose couplings - solid and durable installation

The high-quality products that make up the equipment correspond to the good technical condition of a given machine. Durable and solid construction contributes to the long life of the machine, its proper functioning and good performance. Proven elements and spare parts also have a significant impact on the safety of the vehicle and its surroundings. Due to the fact that products of lower quality are damaged much faster and more often, their use may have adverse effects on other systems of the machine. This results in the need to repair, replace or purchase new accessories, which is associated with additional costs and downtime. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to find a proven store that offers specialized high-quality parts.

Polyamide hose couplings - wide range of models

Kamar is an experienced manufacturer of all accessories and spare parts for industrial vehicles. In the wide range of products you will find various types of polyamide hose couplings, which are characterized by excellent strength as well as solid and durable workmanship. The types of couplings differ in terms of structure and individual properties. Their planned use should therefore be selected taking into account their capabilities. Easily noticeable differences are those in the current load - it is related to their functionality and design. The most commonly used connectors for polyamide hoses are screw models. Both these and other models can be found in our wide product range.