The plugs for the trailer are necessary for the correct movement of the vehicle on the road. They allow you to connect lighting, which significantly increases road safety.

Trailer plugs to increase the visibility of the vehicle

Being an active participant in road traffic, it is necessary to comply with the applicable legal provisions. Equipping the vehicle with the right lamps makes it visible to other drivers from a distance. Being mindful on the road is crucial as any mistake can be very dangerous.

Trailer plugs allow you to bring electricity to trailers, semi-trailers or tow trucks. They supply lighting for flash lamps, reversing lamps, marker lamps, rear combination lamps, front lamps, working lamps with a switch, strobe, direction indicators, license plate lamps, fog lamps, working lamps or elevators.

Sturdy trailer plugs

A wide range of plugs allows us to provide the necessary accessories of this type for each model of the trailer. Each product available in the offer is characterized by a solid workmanship, based on high-quality materials. Strong plastics are necessary because the trailer plugs have to be resistant to external influences. Indestructible accessories are not susceptible to strong wind, rain, hail, snow, intense sunlight, high or low temperatures.

Trailers are widely used in many industries. They are used to transport large loads over selected distances. Most often, in conjunction with a truck, trailers are used in the delivery, forwarding, logistics and transport sectors.

Cable plug - remaining offer

For years, we have been focusing on providing reliable accessories and parts for every type of vehicle. Our offer includes equipment for trucks, agricultural machinery, forklifts, trailers and off-road vehicles. We have accessories for handling tires, warning lights, parts for tarpaulins, wrenches for wheels, mirrors, transport belts, bearing pullers, tachograph discs, cargo securing devices, body parts, flashlights, cable ties, clamps, grease nipples, grease nipples, marking plates, hoses, lubricator tips or lamp connectors.

In addition, our store also includes accessories from the electrical engineering category - adapters, disconnectors, rectifiers, converters, jumpers, sound signals, battery terminals, sockets, bulb holders, relays, electric cables, electrical boxes, plugs, connector connectors.