High-quality products that make up the equipment of the vehicle ensure its proper technical condition. They also have a significant impact on the safety of its surroundings. Robust and durable elements determine the efficient and long operation of the machine. The situation is different in the case of products made of inferior quality materials, which not only last for a shorter period, but also deteriorate much faster. This generates additional costs for replacement, repair or the need to order new parts. Finding a proven supplier that offers the best vehicle spare parts will help you avoid these problems.

Connectors for electric wires are an important part of the installation

The Kamar store has a wide range of accessories and spare parts for trucks. We have the highest quality products that, thanks to their durability and solid workmanship, will work in all conditions. We offer a large selection of components for vehicle pneumatics, such as polyamide hose couplings. Polyamide cables are light, flexible and have high mechanical and chemical resistance. They have been widely used in pneumatic systems of trucks, systems supplying combustion engines, in systems with compressed air, non-aggressive liquids and gases, in machine pneumatics and other vulcanization devices, in construction, agriculture, and many others. The main features of polyamide hoses are rigidity, high abrasion resistance and resistance to UV radiation. Couplings of polyamide pipes allow for their tight, stable and effective connection, which is why they are a very important element of an efficient installation. They are used in many market sectors.

Couplings of polyamide hoses - many types and possible applications

Individual types of fittings differ in terms of their properties and structure, therefore, due to their capabilities, they should be selected according to their intended use. The differences can be easily noticed in their current load, which is also related to their different structure and functionality. The most commonly used electrical wire connectors are screw models, a wide selection of which can be found in our offer. We also have many other types, so everyone will find something for themselves.