High-quality products that make up the car's equipment are responsible for effective and correct vehicle lighting. Decent elements from a proven source guarantee long and efficient use. They are durable and resistant to both large temperature differences and possible mechanical damage. This has a direct impact on the good technical condition of the vehicle, and thus - safety. Lighting ensures proper marking and distinction of the vehicle, which becomes much more visible to other road users. In addition, it informs about the intentions of maneuvering and improves the driver's visibility around the car. This helps to reduce and limit the number of accidents.

Professional truck headlamps

The quality of car lighting depends on the technical condition of the lamps and their type. We have a huge selection of all kinds of reflectors on the market. We can distinguish four most popular types:

- paraboloid reflectors,

- Free Geometry (FF) headlamps,

- FF-H4 headlamps,

- super DE headlights.

Road lights are mounted in the front of the car. Their task is to illuminate the road with as much light from the bulb as possible. Its housing is responsible for protection against external factors such as moisture, pollen and heat. It is also a safe attachment to a car and a carrier for lighting components. The specific mounting of the reflector diffuser affects the visibility of the surroundings, which is also influenced by the quality and direction of the incident light. We must remember that all truck headlamps are exposed to damage, so it is extremely important to protect them properly and high-quality workmanship. For this reason, it is worth taking care of proven products from a distributor experienced in the industry.

Reliable lamps for the truck

Kamar is a manufacturer that offers the highest quality accessories and spare parts for trucks. The wide range of products includes all types of vehicle lighting elements, thanks to which you can safely mark and distinguish your car. Here you will find various types of truck lamps that will work in almost all conditions. They are characterized by durability and high resistance, as well as innovative design and modern technology.