Correct operation of the truck is possible thanks to the electrical system, which is based on the connection with a battery. Battery clamps are reliable and durable components that enable the battery to function properly.

Battery clamps - mandatory equipment in every garage

The electrical conductivity of the battery placed in the vehicle depends on the relatively small terminals. Over time, the negative influence of current causes intensive wear. The battery clamps therefore require periodic replacement. Replacing these types of elements with new parts is not a difficult task, so it is not necessary to go to a specialized car repair shop.

The most common difficulty in replacing worn calipers is oxidation. This process is based on the gradual weakening of the clamping force and, consequently, damage to the metal and destruction. It is therefore worth equipping the garage with crocodile clips for the battery in case of unexpected problems.

What material are the battery clamps made of?

Clamps can be made of lead or brass. Lead elements are characterized by optimal electrical conductivity. The flexible design enables a tight and strong clamping. Lead is resistant to damage caused by electrolytes or corrosion. Brass crocodile clips are a bit heavier. The material is elastic, which guarantees a proper clamping fit. Brass is extremely resistant to external factors - low or high temperatures (up to 950 ° C).

Choosing the right material for the terminals depends on the type of battery in the vehicle or voltage indicators. Lead crocodile clips are a more universal option as their function is not only fastening, but also serves as a fuse. Our offer includes brass and lead clamps that will fit any truck model.

Battery terminals - basic functions

Battery clamps can perform several functions:

• Correct operation of the electrical system with the truck operating under all conditions.

• Quick and easy installation or removal of batteries for a given vehicle.

• Electric connection of the battery to the car's ground, starter, generator or other types of electric energy.

• Protection against improper battery installation or short circuit.