Automotive converters make it possible to change the voltage of the current. Devices of this type allow you to get more volts from sockets that have values of 12 or 24 V. This voltage, however, allows you to use devices that we usually use in our homes.

Converters for trucks - operating principles 

Converters are devices that significantly increase the comfort of traveling. They should be mandatory equipment for professional drivers who travel hundreds of kilometers every day. The inverter has a certain starting power and a peak value in watts. These parameters tell you what kind of equipment can be used in conjunction with the inverter. When deciding to buy a device, it is also worth paying attention to the efficiency, which defines the amount of processed energy that is actually supplied to the socket. The input voltage range of the cigarette lighter is also important. Passenger cars are equipped with a 12-volt power supply, with lorries having twice as much power. The difference is mainly due to the fact that other types of battery are installed. It is also important to use appropriate safeguards in the converter to protect against overload, overheating, voltage drops or short-circuit.

Converters for a truck - offer 

Trucks are vehicles commonly used in many industries - e.g. delivery, logistics, forwarding, transport or industrial. We have a wide range of accessories, parts and equipment for trucks. Our offer includes the necessary products that not only increase safety, but also the convenience and comfort of traveling. We offer electrical engineering for trucks, based on adapters, disconnectors, rectifiers, starter cables, sound signals, battery terminals, sockets, bulb holders, relays, electric cables, electrical boxes, plugs or connector connectors.

Converters for trucks - the highest quality of accessories, parts and devices

We work only with leading manufacturers, thanks to which we provide products made of high-quality materials. A solid and durable structure directly translates into trouble-free use for many years. When using the proposed converters, it is worth keeping all safety considerations. Mindfulness will help you avoid possible dangers.